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Host Mick Hearn

Western Swing Show
“Keeping Western Swing Alive”

This program is freely available to Networks and Radio Stations worldwide.

Mick Hearn

The Voice of the UK Western Swing Show is produced and presented by on-air personality and recording artist Mick Hearn from the United Kingdom, playing western swing and associated music. This two-hour show brings western swing artists from today and yesterday to the airwaves, such as Bob Will, Spade Cooley, The Time Jumpers and The Western Swing Authority. Mick plays both mainstream and independent artists and as such has become very connected to artists currently working on the Texas scene.

Mick has been a working musician playing lead guitar since the 60s, playing 50s and 60s music before moving into country music. The country music scene took his interest to the steel guitar, and for many years he played pedal steel. Over recent years his love of the steel guitar led him to the lap steel guitar, often referred to as the ‘non pedal steel guitar’, and with no pedals came the need to learn how to create the same bends using bar slants. Mick performs at many steel festivals in the UK and has become a very well-known steel player, not only in the UK but in the USA also.

When Covid hit back in 2020, and shows were cancelled, Mick continued to play his steel and perfect his technique, but the lack of shows made him frustrated. He decided to turn his attention to radio, and western swing was the obvious choice for a lap steel player. Micks show is informative, often talking about the musicians playing on a particular track. Mick has now been nominated for many awards for his western swing show, including from the Academy of Western Artists. Mick has become a very respected DJ with western swing artists across the globe in the 18 months the show has been airing, and has earned his title as the Voice of the Uk.